Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's not Pepsi at all.  Not yogurt either. It's a carbonated-bath-room-cleaner drink.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Health and Sports Day

Dougen-zaka Ave in Shibuya in the early morning on a national holiday. This holiday used to be October 10th (celebrating the opening day of 1964 Tokyo Olympics) but obviously it was changed while I was away in the US. I went to work and found the gate closed. Took a train to go back home but changed my mind on the first stop and headed for Yoyogi to watch 15th world senior female wrestling championship.

Meiji Jingu

Dropped by at the Yoyogi station but couldn't figure out where the national gymnasium is, plan changed. Entered Meiji Jingu (shrine).

Ran across a traditional wedding ceremony.

Surrounded by curious touritsts.

On the way back to Shibuya did I find the gym. It was right next to the shrine, just across a road. I was on time to watch some bouts. It turned out to be a nice day after all.