Monday, August 25, 2014

Enoden: Kamakura to Kamakurakokomae

20 minutes of hand-held shooting.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Went back to Kamakura. Enoshima area this time. Google Map

Enoshima Electric Line (Enoden) - Kamakura Station 

I spotted Enoshima from the train so I decided to walk a little. I got off at Kamakurakokomae station, two stops before Enoshima station.

Walking along Enoden

I made a mistake. It is much farther than I imagined.

Ugly beach, ugly ocean. Must be fun.

The other side of the beach
I wouldn't swim in here.
So it took me about 40 minutes to get to Enoshima.
There are a lot of souvenir shops.

And a lot of places to eat in.
Random collection of crab shells
Enoshima Shrine


A cat wants to chill out. Humans won't let it.
This guy needs to hit the shower.
Kokkingu En. Cocking Garden?

The best maintained garden ever. I even paid 200 yen to enter.
To Miami Beach Square
I don't know. What kind of joke is this?
Nice idea
So it is Cocking Garden. I didn't check out the remains of Cocking.
Maybe this is called Miami Beach.
Eboshi Iwa (a rock shaped like a traditional eboshi hat). Mt. Fuji is barely visible at 1 o'clock.

Unattractive panorama

I miss Santa Cruz.

A cat with class

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Made a short trip to Kamakura, the old capital of samurai warriors.

Yokohama station
Transit at Yokohama station. More than an hour have passed already since I left home.
Narita Express
Narita Express connects Narita Aiport and major stations. It looks pretty cool.

Yokosuka line
This is the train I took. Another 30 minutes ride to Kita Kamakura station.

Kita Kamakura station
It's so tiny that it doesn't even have a wicket gate.
Engakuji (1282~)

Myōkōhi (myōkō pond)
The pond is full of of algae but it's been there since at least 1335.

Tea house

Ō gane (big bell)
It is a national treasure. Well, nothing special just old as usual.

Tōkeiji (1285~)

Senjafuda (stickers)

It looks like a construction slag but a natural rock. The same type of rock appears in the Japanese national anthem.

Enoden bus stop

Kenchoji (1253~)

Sitting on a bench under this gate was the best part of this trip. Breeze was so nice.


Is this a tunnel? It looks like pointless.

Tsuruoka Hachimangu (1063~)
This shrine is supposed to be one of the most popular ones in Japan. Compared with Ise and Atsuta, it looks so cheap. I hate so many guard men are around.

Kamakura Station
I stayed there for only three hours and visited three temples and one shrine. Kamakura has too many places to see in a day or two. I have to go back to see the giant Buddha (when it's not too hot).

I lost 1.5kg during this trip.