Tuesday, April 21, 2009

USB Microscope

Got a new toy - a USB toy microscope about $30. It can capture movie too.

SD card

Sunday, April 19, 2009

College Dorm

A dormitory of the most prestigious art school in Japan. I don't know why all dorms of national universities look like abandoned buildings. Well, at least rent is (was) like $20~30 a month w/o meal.

Alien Parasite

A baby stick-mimic?

Yaezakura and Tsutsuji

Another kind of cherry blossom. This kind has many petals or maybe it just look like having many petals.

Tsutsuji - Azalea. It's a very common plant on streets.

Sanpouji Temple

A technology - it sensed my approach and started filling water.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

National Museum of Nature and Science

National Museum of Nature and Science facade view

A lot of dinosaur fossils.

??? His eye?

Eye bone?

Adult and younger specimens.

Some of them are black. Different places, different colors? Trasformed to different rocks?

Only if you see them in museum, you believe they are not a collection of chicken bones.

One of the most famous dogs in Japan, Jiro. He went to the Antarctica as a sled dog about a half century ago. He was left there chained with other dogs when the expedition team left but survived for a year with one more dog, Taro, till the next expedition team's arrival.

And the most famous dog, Hachi - aka Hachiko.

Indigenous chickens.

So real, freaks me out.

One of the four specimens of Japanese wolf. They have gone extinct for more than 100 years.

A lava bomb. Nice naming. Reminds me of Ed Levin county park.

400 years old sky map

A photomultiplier tube from Super-Kamiokande neutrino observatory.

Zero Figher

The first Japanese computer - 1700 vacuum tubes, 30KHz

I don't know how many (100+) but most of all these used to be a private collection.

I didn't think visiting museum was this exhausting. I even fell asleep on a bench inside the museum.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cherry Blossom in Ueno Kouen

The national treasure "Ashura" exhibition is being held at the National Museum of Art. I went to Ueno Park where ten museums including the National Museum of Art are located.

Full or little past full blossom. They are the most common type of cherry blossom, "Someiyoshino".

Blue sheets are under flowers all over the park.

I love walking in falling petals with nice breeze.

There are several shrines and temples. There are many foreigners too. The park is one of the 13 Michelin's three-star places to visit in Japan.

Different kind of cherry blossom, "Shidare-zakura".

National Museum of Art

Ashura is the multi-faced sculpture on the pink sign under the cherry blossom tree. There was another sign saying "40 mins" of waiting line. I changed my mind and visited the National Museum of Science instead. I will post pictures later.