Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Nephew My Toy

Walking in Nagoya - Sakae Area

Friendly sign
To Los Angeles, 9000+km to go. Nice.

Common street scene

Election posters for House of Councilors
No graffiti on them or you'll get busted.

Tennis school
It says...
Ferris wheel in the mid city

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nagoya Castle Cache Hunt

My first cache in Japan! A big bison tube found in the fence rail by the outer moat of Nagoya castle.

A lot of carps, warterfowls, and turtles.


Nagoya's featured noodle. It is known for its flat noodle in dark soy-source and bonito extract soup.

Sentry Tower

The inner moat is empty and deer live there. They are twice bigger than those you can see in California.

Nagoya Castle West View

Traditional Water Fountain

"Shiyakusho-mae" (city hall front) subway station

Bum Castle (aka blue vinyl mansion)

Atsuta Jingu

Atsuta Jingu (shrine). It is supposed to be the second most important shrine and located here in Nagoya. The most important one is just called Jingu and it is in Ise.


You put the fortune paper tie on this thing. If you get a good one, you put it here so it comes true. If you get a bad one, you put it here so it won't happen.


I found a cicada hatchling struggling on the ground due to mis-emerging from its shell during my midnight walk.

So weak but there still was little hope. I put him on a window net in my room so he can expand his wings.

20 mins later.

1 and half hours later. The body color is getting darker.

3 hours later. Darker and darker.

About 11 hours later. Right before the release. Bye bye lucky boy.