Monday, June 18, 2007

Japanese Beetle

 The first emergence of this year.

Feeding beelte jelly.

Very small. Normal ones are twice as big as this guy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


About 3 hours of flight from Japan. A few minutes before landing.

A view from the room I stayed. High tide.

A lot of beetles.

Different kind. Both are common in Japan too.

Low tide. You can observe many kinds of small animals.

Stucked in a tide pool

We call this kind of starfish "spider starfish" in Japan. They're very mobile.

A blue starfish

You can find several kinds of crabs.

Baby coral in a tide pool

A lot of sea cucumbers

Another sea cucumber

Imperial Japanese Cannon?

A native batterfly

Something comes out when it's shaked. It is also observed when they fly.

Wings. The picture is not renderred well but they're very beutiful.

Squal comes several times a day. It stops in a few minutes.

It brings rainbows.

Main shopping street. 90+% of people walking on the street are Japanese.

See how hot and muggy. Sunbeams through the plumeria tree.

Looks like one flower but...

two of them. It's called something like "Lovers' Flower" because you need two to make one.

Lots of hermit crabs on the beach.